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A/N: Okay hello yes this was prose that I have written a long time ago with a fantroll, I have changed it up to be a reader insert but I will not change the plot for the most part. A part two was requested so here you go. Warning: Implied redrom with the Helmsman/Psiioniic.

He turns around with a triumphant grin and kneels down before her so he's eye level with the small female. "(Y/N), a lovely name for a lovely lass. I'm known as Cronus to those whom I consider close, you may call me such. Or if you do not prefer that, you may call me Dualscar." He rises to his feet once again towering over her. Her fingers move up to tug on his sleeve before he walks away. "Cronus, thank you for the dance. It was the I've had in a while."
"Yer welcome (Y/N), I assume I'll be seeing you another time? It seems the pupas are headin' out. Must be late for them." She glances around seeing the younger highbloods bowing or curtsying to the trolls they were with before turning and departing towards to entrances. "You'd assume correctly. Be cautious with your profession, I'd not fancy it much if you were gone the next time." He flashes a sharky smile at her crinkling up the scars on his face. "As if anyone would keep me from a good party! I'll see ya around, lass." She nods and curtsies to him before turning and making her way out to the carraige bearing her symbol. An olive tinted hand helps her into the carriage and she finds herself next to a jadeblood, mustardblood, oliveblood, and mutant in the carriage. "How did it go (Nickname)?" The oliveblood asks. "Oh Meulin, it was beautiful!" The female smiles and the mustardblood speaks up. "Did you get the information?"
"Yes...Papa was right, the Orphaner's name was Cronus."

Three months later

"No. No way. We are NOT sending her in again! We got the info we needed! We know who he is now, there's no reason to make her go!" A yellow clothed troll speaks up in almost panic. "Mituna, old friend, we know a name. We don't know the ship, we don't know anything but the identity. We need to know the ship or a route at least! We could free many trolls that way, we could also find the whereabouts of Mindfang possibly as well." (y/n) stands in the center of the room silent, waiting for a decree. Mituna's fingers find their way to her hand, clasping tightly enough to cause pain, but she doesn't falter. "Kankri, you know I trust you, but you're sending my (Y/N) out there. Try and look at it from my view, what if it was Meulin?" She bites her lip trying not to speak up as Meulin steps forward, the fiery feline themed troll raised a clawed hand at him. "I'd go in and get the info no matter what he said! Why don't we ask (Nickname)? You boys are sitting here deciding for her! It's her choice!"
The group turns to her waiting for her to speak up. "I want to help and if going to said event means helping, then I will go. I'm as high on the hemospectrum as you can get without being the Condesce, no one will harm me." Multi-colored eyes bore into her with worry. "We don't know how long it'll take to get that information, it could be more than a little party! He might want to take you onto the ship to find that route!" Her lavander gaze locks onto Kankri's. "Papa, I want to go. I'll be fine."
"Then it's decided, (Y/N) will go."
Okay so a part two was requested, so here ya go! Sorry I take forever to update, I am literally the laziest person ever. Just bug me about it and it'll get done. :D
I do not own homestuck
I own the plot
I own "you" 
damnkittyb Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015
part 3? maybe?
AudioReciver Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014
Curses, no more!!! Just as I was sooo...into the story!!!
mszazl Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
More, or make this a series, please. It would be awsome.
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